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Contact CenDak Co-op
General Manager (Niles) - Tony Gratton  Cell Ph. 701-370-3141 

Location Manager (New Rockford) - Ron Keller Cell Ph. 701-230-8591

Location Manager (Harvey) - Paul Schindler Cell Ph. 701-351-7704

Agronomy Manager (Niles) - Tony Jochim Cell Ph. 701-490-0374

Agronomy Sales Manager (Maddock) - Jim Dahlen Cell Ph. 701-351-3978

Grain Department Manager (Niles) - Nick Schaefer  Cell Ph. 701-370-8504

Petroleum Manager (Esmond) - David Lauinger Cell Ph. 701-249-8318

Safety and Compliance Manager (All Locations) - Norm Rosendahl Cell Ph. 701-230-8721

Station Manager (Leeds) - Lynn Haagenson Ph. 701-446-2231

Seed House Manager (Leeds) - Dale Elverud Ph. 701-466-2070

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